OPEN FUR 2019. We are helping a new talented designer.

We have the pleasure to announce we have chosen Rose Danford Philipps as a beneficiary of our OPENFUR scholarship.


Rose Danford Philipps is one of the UK’s best emerging talents. Along with our friends of the Throw Company, we have decided to help and support this incredibly talented woman in her use of faux fur. She told us

I am obsessed with materials and craftsmanship. I combine traditional arts and crafts of painting, embroidery and lace with innovative technologies of digital jacquard knit, laser cutting faux fur and experimental textiles to create garments and accessories for strikingly unusual women.

Rose is also part of the House Of Peroni initiative which aims at offering 8 emerging fashion designers from the UK support and access to a state of the art fashion studio. They are en route to showcase their work at LFW next February. Faux fur will be part of this wonderful initiative.

Rose is the 4th student supported by Faux Fur Institute as part of the OPEN FUR initiative. Visit our OPEN FUR section to see Sophie, Ophélie and Martin’s incredible work with faux fur.