Few questions to Anita, founder of Anstatt Luxury Faux Fur


You are currently launching Anstatt a Faux Fur House. Can you introduce yourself ? Faux fur is getting more appealing for newcomers in fashion. Do you feel it is the right time to go for it ?

My name is Anita Zwanbun and I work with Designer Desny Sabanantham as a team. Anstatt is the german word for ‘instead of’. Originally I am not from the fashion industry  but I fell in love with faux fur when i fell out of love with my real furs.

         It just didn’t feel right anymore. And I don’t think that’s an individual experience. Its the actual 'Zeitgeist’ we are living in and there is no way back. Its definitely the right time to go for it. I have seen a lot of Faux Fur materials during the PremiereVision in Paris which feel and look like real fur. Some qualities are outstanding. And if you can’t tell the difference anymore why would we kill animals for fashion ?



Do you have a background in fashion or you’re mostly self-taught ?

My designer has worked more than 10 years as a fur designer.

I love your instagram feed. One can feel the passion and craftmanship behind the brand…

Thank you. I am still trying to find out the magic on how to get a lot of followers and now getting to the summer it becomes even more difficult. But we are working hard and the quality of craftmanship is kept up by our designer and our italian sample tailor.

Faux fur is still subject to many prejudices. Have you been affected by it or do you see things are changing in the perception of faux ?

We are trying to launch a Luxury Faux Fur brand. A lot of people still think of Faux Fur as cheap. Cheap in price and style. The perception is changing, but we often need to explain our prices.

How do you feel about fashion today ?

Personally i love the approach of mixing high street and high fashion. Creating your own style with classics and contemporary pieces. I would love to see our collection to be worn with jeans and sneakers as well as with a dress and heels.

Visit Anstatt here and good luck to you Anita.