Interview with Abegaille founder of Ardent & Co


Our first interview with Abegaile. She is the Creative Director of Ardent & Co a very cool new brand label in London.

Abegaile, you are have launched your own fashion label  but you seem to already have a solid background in fashion. Can you tell us a little more about your career path so far ?

I graduated with an MA Degree in Digital Fashion from London College of Fashion in 2012. After working backstage for Christian Dior Haute Couture and Alexander McQueen I founded Ardent & Co in 2014. This is my fourth collection. All my collections are designed and developed in my London studio. Ardent & Co is a contemporary designer brand based in London’s Canary Wharf, specialising in the combination of innovative technologies and sartorial craft.

Your last collection was inspired by Iceland. I think, you perfectly managed to recreate that mineral – mysterious atmosphere one can expect to find on such an isolated place. Why Iceland and what’s your other sources of inspiration in general ?

Ardent & Co AW collection was inspired by Iceland photographed by Josef Hoflehner. The collection was keen to express the light and reflection in dark materials, to express the peaceful mysterious black and white images in Iceland. On the other hand, techno textiles and materials were used in this ready to wear collection

London has a long tradition of creativity with faux fur. London is like the capital of faux fur. You use it beautifully in some of your creations. What is your motivation on using faux and your approach to this material ?

First of all, I am vegetarian. Secondly, this is something we can at least be doing for the society - the relationship between no buying and no selling. Lastly, faux fur is fashionable and trendy.



Before the official launch of your last collection, you made some of your creations available on Rentez-vous, a hire-purchase website. It is a smart and innovative idea. Why did you decide to use this system ?

Rentez-vous is running a great fresh business idea as a hire-purchase website. It is eco friendly. Besides, it matches the nature of fashion, people can change their wardrobe regularly without regretting and wasting. So why not using this system?

Good luck Abegaile !

Photos Josef Hoflehner for Ardent & Co.