celebration for the eyes ! conversation with Konstantina Konstantinidi


Spending time on our favorite social network (Instagram not to mention it) browsing multiple lifestyle bloggers – influencers and other public figures account can lead to some serendipitous discoveries.

Konstantina Konstantinidi and her vibrant page is one of them. Her work is a feast for the eyes !

Color-loaded, her feed is a celebration of life and a great reflection on how faux fur can bring more life to any fashion outfits.

Konstantina completed her studies at Veloudakis Fashion school and is also a model (yes she is this beauty wearing the incredible blue faux fur coat in the image above !) before creating her own label KKATHENS.

We asked her few questions.


A brand new generation of fashion designers is falling in love with the faux fur trend. How do you try to be different from the others.

Its not so easy to be different no matter how hard one tries !  I simply hope that whoever decides to choose my brand, will appreciate the fact that I hand pick really carefully my garments and I pay a lot of attention to details. Everything that I make from furs to jewelry is 100% handmade by me. I don’t have any factory or sewing personnel behind me.


What or who has inspired you?

Regarding furs, what inspires me is the fact that maybe one day, ecological textiles will be appreciated as much as natural ones and even big brands will stop using real fur at some point. Some are actually already starting to change.


Where do you get your creativity behind your label ?

Im not quite sure that I get it from somewhere ! I think its inside me. It just happens !

You are half polish half greek ? what side do you identify mostly (if there is one)

I equally identify both sides. Although I live in Greece, I was raised equally Greek and Polish. I  try to visit Poland as much as I can.


Visit KKATHEN’s website and follow her INSTAGRAM account