The Faux Fur trend in 5 images


In 2013, Léon Schrurs manager of the world renowned faux fur company Tissavel based in France, complained about how bad the business was…Finally he was forced to shut down the company leaving 50 people unemployed. But things have changed dramatically in not even 5 years. Today, faux fur is back in fashion. Léon started a new faux fur company and a new generation of designers embrace the faux fur material and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. 

Let us recap the trend in 5 essential images.



The Shrimps effect

There is a “before” and an “after” Shrimps. She literally created the trend. Hannah Weiland, a history of art graduate, who studied textiles at the London College of Fashion, created her super cool label Shrimps in 2014. Her creations are full of crazy - pop colors and smiley faces all around. 

I’ve been fortunate to have been introduced to a supplier that produces a remarkable quality of faux fur

She said for the Business of Fashion. 


Faux fur becomes “Stella approved”

Thanks to improvements in fabric technology, faux fur has been storming the catwalks. But still, Stella Mac Cartney was reluctant to use it as she was afraid to promote the look of “real” fur. 

But the opposite happened : she actually promoted the look, ethics and aesthetics of faux with the addition of a discrete button proudly saying FUR FREE FUR. The eco conscious designer admitted it took her a while to find the exact texture she wanted for her luxury maison. She’s now a total fan of faux as you can see here with her new STELLA KIDS collection with ultra cool feline faux fur bombers. 


Marco De Vincenzo : the master of faux fur

Former assistant at Fendi, Marco de Vincenzo frequently uses Faux fur in his eponymous brand. His fall 2017 fashion show kept the attention of many fashion observers. His somptuous use of faux fur showed the extent of Marco’s talent but also you can do anything with faux fur, with so many techniques and possibilities available.

The furs were fake, fabulous ones, beginning with a deep blue coat with a futuristic landscape print on it (…) Leopard printed jackets weren’t printed at all, but done in 3-D embroideries. Other coats were trimmed in PVC fringe and silver; glitter boots added to the shine. (Jessica Iredale for WWD)


Miuccia Prada brings the trend to a new level

Prada’s little sister Miu Miu’s F/W 2017′s fashion collection was a gorgeous tribute to faux fur and remains widely praised today by fashion editors. For this collection, faux was used in playful and ludic ways without sacrificing the elegance inherent to the luxury maison. The most playful and alluring collection Miu Miu has shown according to Savoir Flair’s fashion experts. They also said

We, at Savoir Flair, have rejoiced at the luxury sector’s recent embrace of faux fur in place of real fur on runways.



That ICONIC Vogue cover

Needless to say VOGUE Paris support of faux fur is the most rewarding treatment for all fashion lovers and those who support and promote faux fur, and smarter practices in the fashion industry. 

To be continued...