Think "real" fur is a luxury product ? think again.


We’ve been sent a price list from a fur factory farm. We were surprised to see how CHEAP “real” furs are. As you can see below you can get mink pelts for less than 20$ and fox furs for 33$...



Fur is clearly not a luxury product but rather a cheap mass produced material. It is about time to change our views on fur. 

Faux fur is the luxury product

You need high tech equipments and human intelligence to get outstanding luxury faux furs. Many faux fur mills have a R&D Lab so they can improve the quality each day, and respond to the specific demands of designers, in terms of colors, texture or length of the fiber. Nothing is impossible.

It is actually more expensive to buy faux fur which makes it the ultimate luxury product. 


Regarding the affordability of "real" furs one can not help but note that the fur industry has encouraged cheap labor of thousands of workers who tried to take advantage of the fur trend by running their own intensive farms sometimes in the back of their yard. In Asia regulations are notoriously lax. The disastrous situation of fur farmers in China was documented in 2015 by the press agency reuters.