Dilemma with fur at IFM - Paris : Tradition VS Innovation


I had the great pleasure to take part in a discussion regarding the fur topic.

The event, attended by more than 40 students, was organized by the IFM of Paris, one of the most prestigious fashion school in the world.

Dilemma with fur was the name of the event.

But dilemma not much. With the great quality of today’s faux furs, faux can be seen as a great way to maintain creativity while reconciling tradition with innovation. Thanks to the students for their interesting questions and Thomas and Bosco for their kindness.

(From left to right : Martin, student at IFM and beneficiary of the open fur 2018 grant - Bosco & Thomas event organizers - Arnaud founder of Faux Fur Institute / La Fausse Fourrure.com)