Gucci announces fur free policy


Gucci’s President & CEO Marco Bizzarri announced its fur-free policy on Wednesday, October 11th during the 2017 Kering Talk at The London College of Fashion.

It is excellent news that more and more luxury brands are taking the decision to change their practices regarding the use of fur. Gucci’s decision has the power to transform the fashion industry significantly.

2016 Gucci Kidassia faux fur coat

2016 Gucci Kidassia faux fur coat

So much to celebrate !

Armani, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Dries Van Noten, Stella Mac Cartney and now Gucci all have a strict “no fur” policy and / or only use faux fur, if there’s got to be fur. Faux remains the only responsible type of fur available on the market. 

Fashion is a vehicle for a change via sustainable, socially- driven practices.

I would find it more difficult to be part of a cycle where animals would have to be killed constantly.  (Hussein Chalayan - designer)

Other fashion brands although still using animal fur, have made a greater place to the faux fur material in their recent collections which is also very exciting.

During the last London Fashion week, all Burberry’s furs were faux (image below) and is officially reconsidering the use of real fur in their collections.



Miu Miu also used faux fur as shown below.



Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors (image below), to name a few, have created incredible faux furs lately.



Faux fur is mostly known to be a life-friendly material, but faux fur also brings environmental benefits.

It is documented that the production of faux fur is much less environmentally damaging than sustaining thousands of fur factory farms. 

It is likely that other designers decide to follow the lead of Gucci.