Faux fur in VOGUE

We are pleased to see Vogue Australia talking about the faux fur trend with an excellent article from Alice Burrell. 

There's no such thing as a faux pas with faux fur

says the opening of the article also available on-line.


Why it's time to go faux with your fur

Among the various reasons raised in the article are the latest technological advances and the wide range of colours and textures available today. 


"Each season, the fur gets softer and softer...There are so many different techniques that you can do to affect the texture and shape of the fur, so it’s always exciting to start a new season with new ideas and possibilities."

(Image from ECOPEL by Studio Camponogara at Milano Unica 2018)

Last year, Vogue Australia already made a wonderful "faux fur cover" with pop star Lorde in that yellow faux fur coat by Calvin Klein that we've been seeing literally everywhere (here, here and here...and also here)