Responsible fashion. Burberry will stop using fur

A welcome move

We saw it coming ! Burberry’s two last collections were already free of real furs so Riccardo Tisci’s decision to stop using the controversial material was just a logical step. Marco Gobbetti, CEO of Burberry, said in a press release

Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible. This belief is core to us at Burberry and key to our longterm success. We are committed to applying the same creativity to all parts of Burberry as we do to our products


It is encouraging that more and more designers are making the life friendly choice. Faux fur is also an eco-efficient fabric.

The climate change impact of 1Kg of mink fur is five times higher than other fabric and the making of one mink coat emits 7 times more CO2 than the making of one fur coat.

As a consequence the use of faux fur fits with any fashion business commitment to sustainability.

The merits of faux fur

A faux fur coat can last a decade or more if well taken care of. It won’t require an energy wasting cooling system like it is needed for a mink coat. It only has to be washed once a year so its impact is limited in comparison with synthetic garments that are usualy washed every week.

The faux fur sector is a niche production not linked to the destruction of our nature or our oceans. In addition to that we are committed to create a more sustainable faux fur with our SMART FUR initiative. In dropping fur, Burberry helps the fashion industry to reduce drastically the number of animals used by the industry. It should be acclaimed as an example.