Faux fur (good) news

From New-York City trying to ban the sales of fur products to Prada’s decision to stop using animal-based fur, here is a summary of the latest faux fur news.


The iconic luxury house based in Italy declared few days ago on Instagram that it will no longer use animal fur in its designs or new products, starting with SS 2020 women’s collections.

They further added :

The Prada Group is committed to innovation and social responsibility, and our fur-free policy (…) is an extension of that engagement.

We can only applaud this new addition to the list of luxury houses committed to more responsible practices. Prada demonstrates great leadership and example in the area of sustainability and life-friendly fashion.



Will no longer use animal fur in its designs or new products starting SS 2020


The conversation was intense last 15th of may as members of the fur lobby and animal rights organizations gathered to the NYC City Hall for a hearing regarding a bill that would ban the sale of animal fur products in NYC. A rep for Ecopel, the leader in luxury faux fur, was part of the hearing and explained why a fur ban is a good idea. Among the reasons given were the positive influence of faux fur and textile innovations on the fashion industry and the fact that bans already exist in various areas of life and shape positively our consumption patterns. A ban on fur is at the same level as a ban on single use plastics, bans on the trade of endangered species or bans on cosmetics tested on animals. They have a tangible “life saving” effect.

You can read Ecopel’s position here. It is ironic that a year after a huge poster against faux fur was displayed on Time Square claiming '“fake fur harms the oceans” - a fake news not supported by datas, the fur trade is being threatened by a majority of New Yorkers who support the ban.


Will the sale of fur products be banned in NYC ?

Apparently, the fur industry hates fake fur but loves fake news




Still in New-York, we are hearing that all the incredible faux furs you will see in Rocketman the movie about Elton John’s career, are 100% faux and fabulous. They have been entirely designed and handcrafted at The House Of Fluff, based in NYC. Another reason to watch this movie about a legendary artist with a huge influence on fashion.


Major superstars have been spotted in faux fur lately. From Celine Dion, Maluma to Halle Berry and Catherine Deneuve. Check below our gallery.


Moda Operandi published its first runway report and highlights the boom of faux fur. It says :

A plethora of luxury brands have pledged to stop using fur in their collections, but that doesn’t mean that the fur look is out. In fact, it’s become more popular : faux fur was everywhere on the AW2019 runways and shoppers are certainly following the trend.


We had the great pleasure to talk with Bel Jacobs a journalist and eco-expert who is extremely passionate about sustainable fashion. With Bel, we took the opportunity to address some of the misconceptions about faux fur and how the faux fur sector is showing the way towards greener synthetics. You can read the ITW here.