Stella McCartney launches Bio-based faux fur

Stella McCartney Reveals Ground Breaking KOBA Fur Free Fur


The first ever sustainable bio-based faux fur.

Paris, Sept 30, 2019.

Stella McCartney becomes the first fashion designer to launch sustainable and ground-breaking KOBA® Fur Free Fur, the world’s first faux fur made using plant based ingredients. Vegetarian and cruelty-free since day one, animal welfare is at the heart of the brand’s ethos, and Stella is incredibly excited to be pushing the boundaries of sustainability in her signature Fur Free Fur, providing her customers with an ethical option that is also better for the planet.

The new KOBA® Fur Free Fur also contains recycled polyester and can be recycled at the end of its long life, helping to keep ensure it never ends up as waste and close the fashion loop — something that Stella is incredibly passionate about, as she pushes toward circularity.

Additionally, it is 37% plant-based, consumes up to 30% less energy and produces up to 63% less greenhouse gas than conventional synthetics.

Stella McCartney comments:

“I am incredibly excited about this new eco-friendly bio-based fur free fur. It is another big step towards the future of fashion being sustainable and animal-free.”

Created by DuPont in partnership with ECOPEL, KOBA® integrates DuPont™ up to 100% Sorona® polymer homofilament fibres to offer a soft, versatile, and long-lasting fur alternative, and the first commercially available faux fur using bio-based ingredients.

Renee Henze, Global marketing director DuPont Biomaterials comments:

Stella McCartney has led the industry that is now increasingly moving away from the use of animal-based furs, and this partnership allows both her cruelty-free and sustainable values to go hand in hand. With KOBA®, we hope to see the use of bio-based materials continue to increase into the future.”

Comment from Christopher Sarfati, CEO of ECOPEL:

“We’ve been working with Stella McCartney for several years and we have clearly been positively influenced by her values. Not only are we proud to offer animal-friendly alternatives to fur, but are even more proud to take the road less traveled in designing new ways to create faux fur. From recycled to bio-based, we are supporting a transition towards more sustainable materials”

This first onyx black KOBA® Fur Free Fur coat with alter nappa detailing is a prototype revealed exclusively at the Summer 2020 show, front row on Natalia Vodianova. The KOBA® fur free fur will be developed as part of the Stella McCartney Collections from 2020.

About Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a luxury lifestyle brand that was launched under the designer’s name in 2001.Stella’s approach to design emphasizes sharp tailoring, natural confidence and an effortless attitude.The brand is committed to being an ethical and modern company, believing it is responsible for the resources it uses and the impact it has on the environment. It is therefore constantly exploring innovative ways to become more sustainable, from designing to store practices and product manufacturing. As a lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney never uses any leather, fur, skins or feather in any products for both ethical and environmental reasons, setting a standard for the use of alternative materials. Supporting circularity, the brand is embracing new business models that will transform how clothes are produced, sold, shared, repaired and reused; promoting long lasting product with extended use to reduce environmental impact.
The brand now offers women and menswear ready-to-wear, as well as handbags, shoes and a kids line. It has also developed under licensing eyewear, lingerie, swimwear, fragrances and a long-term partnership with Adidas. The collections are currently available in more than 100 countries at wholesale, and through 61 freestanding stores including London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai. For additional information, please visit:

About Dupont

DuPont Biomaterial brings world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace, focused on partnerships with forward-thinkers to promote the new bio-economy. It does so through its novel biobased solutions for industries as varied as packaging, food, cosmetics, apparel and carpeting, all facing the challenges of greening their supply chains and offering high performance, sustainable choices to their downstream customers.


(HX) Company Ld. is a subsidiary of Shanghai Haizin Group Co., Ltd. offering faux fur, accessories and hometextiles. ECOPEL has become one of the biggest manufacturers of faux fur in the world with a renowned expertise in the area of high quality faux fur. Thanks to the acquisition of new high-tech machinery, Ecopel has been working with 350 brands including prestigious luxury brands and is no longer working with fast fashion brands. Ecopel is committed to develop more innovative and sustainable materials such as recycled or bio-based in order to only use these new materials in the coming years.


Stella McCartney

Arabella Rufino, Worldwide Communications Director, Stella McCartney


Hao Ding, Business Leader EMEA DuPont Biomaterials


Arnaud Brunois, communications manager, Ecopel