open fur


A design contest…

Helping new talents,

Sharing positive values,

Being 100% responsible,

Supporting innovations…

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open fur -mode responsable

A design contest.

OPEN FUR - Mode responsable is a design contest whose goal is to encourage students to work with premium faux fur, giving them a sense of responsibility while unleashing student’s creativity, sharing the positive values attached to faux fur, all at the same time. We also encourage students to work with recycled fabrics and eco responsible materials.

OPEN FUR - Mode responsable is the first design contest dedicated to the use of faux in FASHION, supported by renowned european faux fur mills.

How to enter ?

You have to write an application letter answering these questions at :

  • What does mean “responsible fashion” for you ?

  • What makes you want to apply to the design contest ?

  • Write a short presentation of your project

You will have to justify that you are currently a student in a fashion school by sending us your student card (or similar document ) and your ID (scan).

Be an ambassador.

You will have to provide us regularly with photos and sketches of your work in progress and to agree on being promoted through our social networks so you can become an ambassador of our Faux Fur team, as we become an ambassador of your talent.

You will have to fully accept our guidelines. 


To be selected you will have to respect the two following mandatory requirements :

The furs being used will be 100% faux furs, working with our partner, one of the best faux fur supplier in Europe.

Only vegetable fibers and synthetic fibers are allowed in order to be fully coherent with the notion of responsible fashion


Please do your best to obtain your fabric from organic suppliers and / or recycled suppliers (we will send you a list).

The nature of our help ?

We will pay for a part or the totality of the faux fur supply.

We will promote your work using social network and other type of intervention in medias, blogs an other type of events.

We will use your work and photos for our faux fur campaign, always in collaboration with you

We will not be able to help for the rest of the fabrics.

Good luck to everyone.