KOBA Faux fur-the first bio-based faux fur

Created by ECOPEL, KOBA Faux fur integrates DuPont™ Sorona fibers to offer a soft, versatile, and long-lasting fur alternative for the global fashion industry.

As the apparel industry is increasingly pivoting away from the use of animal-based fur, this partnership will offer a versatile faux fur with attributes for markets such as the luxury fashion market.

KOBA faux fur is made with up to 100% Sorona® fibers, creating the first commercially available faux furs using bio-based ingredients. Using 100% Sorona® polymer homofilament fiber.


KOBA® 100% => 37% Plant-based

✓ 30% energy reduction

✓ 63% Greenhouse gas emission reduction**

KOBA® 70% => 25% Plant-based

✓ 20% energy reduction

✓ 42% Greenhouse gas emission reduction**

(** compared with polyester)

* The rest of the composition is polyester

** Compared with nylon 6