Why "Net à Porter" makes a smart move in becoming fur free

We have a strong sense of responsibility and recognize the importance of making a positive contribution to society. With a range of initiatives, partnerships and innovations, our goal is to act as an industry-wide catalyst for change
— Matteo James Moroni, YNPA's Head of Sustainability

It is indeed very positive and rejoicing to see such a major player in the fashion industry moving to a higher level of awareness and sustainability. We believe that industries are shaped by powerful and challenging decisions. YNAP is not only making a life saving decision but will also serve as an example for more friendly practices.

While fur factory farming is one of the least sensible use of natural resources - the use of faux remain the only responsible option regarding fur in the fashion sector. As Japan recently closed its last fur factory farm and the Czeck Parliament is considering doing the same, Net-a-Porter’s decision to stop carrying a product whose production is now prohibited in 7 countries, is deeply contemporary and modern.